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👋 Bye bye dating apps. It's time for something new

Just tell Offline AI the type of person you're looking to meet, and it'll find great matches for you.
No app. No public profiles. No swiping. You're in control.

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We play the field so you don't have to

It's not a dating app or dating platform

We could talk for hours about some of the issues with dating apps. But one is just the paradox of choice- it's time-consuming & hard to sift through thousands of profiles.

It's like being set up from a friend

No public profiles. Just tell us more about the ideal type of person you're looking for, and we'll try to search through people on and off dating apps to find good fits.

You get to sit back while we do the work

We only notify you if we find a good potential intro that aligns with what you're looking for. There's no app or platform to spend time on- we'll search for you.

Personalized To Your Preferences 🔎

Instead of being shown thousands of profiles, we only notify you if we find someone that lines up with exactly what you're looking for.

It's All Through Text & Email 💫

You control how you prefer communications, as well as control what kind of information you want to see about anyone before getting introduced
  • You control your preferences
  • No blind setups :)

Wait... I still don't get what this is??

Just outline the dream person you're looking for & we only notify you if there's a potential great fit. Like a BFF who wants to set you up with a mutual friend.

THe Future Is Offline

It’s time to stop spending 20hrs/week on dating apps

"people had to scroll through thousands of profiles corresponding to these criteria.Today, machine learning models can do the job for you.
The Atlantic
"Dating has always been work. But what’s ironic is that more of the work now is not actually around the interaction that you have with a person, it’s around the selection process, and the process of self-presentation. That does feel different than before.” -Labor of Love author
New York Times
“Don't even think of it as a bot. Think of it as your friend who's your concierge who's going to find you a date. Right? That's the future.” -NY Times
Huffington Post
"To cast a wide net, many singles have profiles on multiple dating apps, with multiple conversations going on with many people at any given time... Many singles say that “running” their dating lives feels almost like a part-time job"
"The solution is actually fewer — more finely tuned — connections. “I don't want to be on an inbox of 50 people talking and sending more messages,” he said. “I want three people that are great that I can talk to.”
"I've come off [dating apps] several times because it's so depressing," says Niamh, an accountant who lives in Dublin. "There's constant swiping and surface chit-chat that leads to nothing."

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