Meet OFFLine AI

Available in Miami, Florida

We've launched in Miami, and are growing the waitlist in new cities :)

We Don't Have An App Or Platform- Just Fill In A Private Survey

We think most dating apps are designed for a gamified experience to keep you hooked onto swiping, liking, and more. Offline AI is fundamentally different.

Think Of Offline AI As Like Your Automated Matchmaker BFF

Instead of you spending 20 hours a week going through a barrage of profiles and messages, let Offline AI do the work for you. Like a friend who wants to set you up.

You're In Control Of Your Preferences & Communication Style

Tell us what we're looking for and once a month we'll try to connect you with someone who could be a good fit. But you're in control of communication preferences.

Describe What You're Looking For, & Offline AI Will Try To Find That

Most platforms are focused on quantity: on providing you with millions of options and let you do the work of finding who could be a good fit. We reverse the process: providing great fits first.

Why did we start this?

The dating industry hasn't really changed much in over a decade since the iPhone came out. We are frustrated with the current process and think that AI can revolutionize how it's done.

    Who are we?

    A small group of entrepreneurs based in the United States who are passionate about the potential for technology to further human connection... (aka we're single)

    What's the goal?

    We want to enable a movement from online to offline, a revolution from endless swiping to one of automation & connection. We think we're on day 1 of an AI boom and believe it can impact dating for good.


    Join The Fun

    "If you don't get on the field and play, you'll be missing out"