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How is this different from dating apps?
Pretty much all dating apps are slight variations of the same process: create a profile, go through 1000 profiles every week, message with some of them, get frustrated with not much happening... then delete the app and reinstall in a few months. It's awkward creating a profile, it's awkward seeing friends / classmates / coworkers on there, and it's just a lot of work 🥵

Instead, Offline AI is 1) not an app - it's more like a mutual friend who knows you and wants to set you up 2) without any public profiles - you share more about who you're trying to meet only internally and we do the rest 3) automated - instead of countless hours a week swiping and messaging, we do all the heavy work & focus on identifying commonality rather than sheer raw quantity
How is this different from platforms like Eharmony, Match, etc?
Ummmmmmmm yeahhhh it's really different from those..... 😹

Basically every other platform is 1) fill in public profile 2) spend hours going through profiles, messaging / matching / etc. With our platform there are no public facing profiles, there is no matching or swiping, there is no dashboard or interface. We do the work for you- it's like if you had a close friend looking to set you up with someone.
How is this different from matchmaking services? 
Way way way different! Those are like a couple thousand dollars per date, involve a bunch of calls and interviews, are geared towards an older demographic, and aren't nearly as cool hip badass as Offline AI. We're free, automated, geared towards younger demographics, and more like the popular friend who is trying to set you up
So this "AI" stuff... I know about Terminator & Skynet, the Avengers and Ultron, Ex Machina and Ava.... Is Offline AI going to take over my life? 
Yeah probably.
How does this make money? 
We have a free version and paid version - the paid version has a few extra features that are pretty baller.
The main difference is just quantity: one intro per month vs several per month.
Who do I reach out to for questions
Email our customer support team at

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